Jim Cain, 1954

Name:  Jim Cain

Graduated:  1954

Graduated from:  I graduated from Cathedral High School and I graduated from The University of Notre Dame in 1961 with a BBA degree and a major in Finance.

Where do you live now:  My wife Gretchen and I live in Indy and are members of IHM church.

What have you been up to since STA:  Practically my entire working life I have been an investment advisor in the securities industry.  I retired in 2018 after nearly 50 years in the business.  During this time I have held various responsibilities with IHM church and school—the Notre Dame Club of Indpls. – and the Serra Club of Indpls.  I was honored to be named Notre Dame Man of the Year after being active in Club activities for many years.  I am also a Securities Arbitrator, helping to resolve disputes within the securities industry.

Family:  My Wife Gretchen and I have four children and twelve grandchildren.  Our Son Jimmy has two boys and is a member of St. Matthew’s parish.  Our Daughter Molly has four children and is a member of IHM.  Our Daughter Mary Clare has three children and is also a member of IHM.  Our Son Matt and his family (three children) live in Glen Ellyn, IL.

I am #16!  Tigers Football!

What is your favorite STA memory:  I made many lifetime friendships while a student at STA!  Even today I am in touch on a regular basis with some of them.  Within the last five years I visited with my sixth grade teacher—Sister Francine—who was retired and living at St. Mary of the Woods in Terre Haute, IN.  The Pastor was Fr. John Halloran and his young assistant Pastor was Fr. Richard Mode.  Fr. Mode was a wonderful, kind, Priest and we maintained contact for many years.  The Nuns who taught us were strict but fair.  Many of them were very young and teaching was new to them.  Grade school was a great time in my life.  I have great memories of STA! 

What do you like to do in your spare time:  In retirement Gretchen and I keep busy helping out with our grandchildren and following their many activities.  I also play golf and tennis on a regular basis and we are very fortunate to be able to spend our winters in Florida.  We are truly blessed in so many ways!  I honestly feel that my experience at STA played an important part in my early life and helped to form my character in a very positive way.








What words of advice would you offer a current STA student:  My advice to STA students—be nice to people and you will meet many wonderful classmates who will be nice to you in return!  Listen carefully to your teachers in class and you won’t have as much homework! —I wish I had paid better attention!  Good luck and God Bless You.  You are young and you have many great experiences ahead of you!

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