Rose Sochacki, 1978-2019

Name: Rose Sochacki

Years at STA: 41!!

Where did you grow up: I grew up in a farming community in Minnesota.  I moved to Indianapolis in 1968.

Where do you live now: I live in the same house down to street from STA that we purchased in 1971.

More from Rosemarie “Rose” Sochacki:

I grew up in a farming community in Minnesota.  I moved to Indianapolis in 1968.  In 1971 I moved into a home on north Illinois Street and became a member of St. Thomas Aquinas parish.  In June of 1978 I started working as the school secretary.

My first principal was Steve Weber followed by Kathy McVeigh Griffin, Bernadette Paradise, Karen Bevis, Bonnie Stephens, Jerry Flynn, Cara Swinefurth and now Nancy Valdiserri.

Through the years I have worked with many amazing, dedicated teachers.  I have met and watched  hundreds of amazing students grow academically, spiritually and physically.  I feel a deep sense of gratitude for having had the opportunity to be part of the “village”.

I have many memories from over the years but recently one of our parents told me her daughter referred to me as the “mom” of the school.  I have provided comfort and Bandaids when students had  scrapes, I have taken temperatures when students were not feeling well.  Only twice during all the years did I have to call 911 for students who were seriously injured.

I have listened as children talked about fun times like vacations with family and trips to family wedding or reunions.  I have heard them talk about how sad they felt when a pet died.

I have celebrated students for their outstanding work on the Speech Team, Robotics Team, Chess Team, and Sports Teams and for individual accomplishments in essay and art contests, etc.  The students really are like my kids or grandkids.

I will continue to live in Indianapolis after retirement.  I have 2 sons and their families who live here.  I also have a daughter, son-in-law, and 2 granddaughters who live in Minnesota.  I will have more time for reading and gardening and hope to find a volunteer gig or two.

My advice for students present and past:  Pray daily, be kind, keep an open heart, keep an open mind, be grateful for all the good in your life, and grow from the challenges.

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