The St. Thomas curriculum is designed to instill in the students a lifetime love of learning in a Christian environment, while fulfilling the required state and archdiocesan rules and regulations and allowing for differentiated learning.  We develop students who can see and understand complex issues an a global, diverse world.We emphasize values that lead to growth in character compassion, caring, respect, responsibility, patience and perseverance in a warm and caring environment. Because the safety and security of all our students is very important, we enforce a dress code and no-bullying policy.

Teaching Philosophy

We offer a wide variety of academic challenges and strive to meet the individual needs of all students. Our curriculum follows the Archdiocesan and State of Indiana Academic standards. The Indiana Department of Education continues to rate St. Thomas Aquinas School as Exemplary.

In addition, service is a large part of the St. Thomas Aquinas philosophy.  We want our students to look beyond their personal needs and see the needs of the greater community.

At St. Thomas, we place a strong emphasis on respect, service and kindness towards others and we

  • Believe that each and every child can succeed
  • Set high expectations with a challenging curriculum
  • Hold a proven record of academic excellence
  • Promote Christ-like values and responsibility
  • Have caring, enthusiastic and talented teachers
  • Teach respect of self and others
  • Emphasize the value of service to the community
  • Prepare students to be productive citizens in a diverse world
  • Provide a safe, fun learning environment


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