St. Thomas Aquinas School Aftercare program is for Preschool – 8th graders on all school days
Staffing Our program is managed by Sam Knotts & Monica Higgins in addition to other STA staff members and Butler students.  All Aftercare employees have background checks and Safe Parish certification.
Location Children will have access to STA Classrooms, outdoor small playground, and the gym depending on schedule and weather
Program Children will be provided a snack each day as well as optional homework time and/or play time in a safe environment with a facilitator.  All students will have active outdoor / gym play time as well as access to arts & crafts, and games.
Schedule / Hours Monday – Thursday from 3:00-5:30pm

Friday from 3:00-5:00

First day of After Care = August 14, 2023

After Care is NOT available All E-Learning, and early dismissal school days as stated on the STA calendar in addition to the dates listed below:

Early dismissal, August 18, 2023

Early dismissal, September 12

E-Learning day, October 27

E-Learning day, November 7

Early dismissal, December 5

Early dismissal, December 22

Early dismissal, February 6

Early dismissal, March 5

Good Friday, March 29

Early dismissal, April 9

Grandparent’s Day, May 3

Early dismissal, May 7

Field Day, May 24

Last day of school, May 31

Cost Per Child Cost Per Child
Monday-Thursday $10 for 3:00-3:59 $25 for 4:00-5:30
Friday $10 for 3:00-3:59 $20 for 4:00-5:00

Registration –  $50 per family (non-refundable)

Payment procedureCharges will be posted to Smart Tuition the week after the childcare has been rendered. Prompt payments are expected for participation to continue.

Late fee – $2.00 per minute per child after 5:30pm (5:00 on Fridays)

Questions? Contact Ms. Knotts and Ms. Higgins at or call 317-255-6244