Name:  Kacee Haslett

Graduated:  2015

Graduated from:  I just graduated from Bishop Chatard with the class of 2019 and I’m heading to Northwestern University!

Where do you live now:  Indianapolis but will soon move to Evanston, Illinois

What have you been up to since STA:  At Chatard, I was involved in student council and girls golf, as well as writing and designing for the montly student publication Trojan Matters where I served as web editor for two years. I’m currently working at Blind Owl Brewery as a hostess as well as nannying and interning at the Mayor’s office. I plan to study journalism, and maybe political science or marketing at Northwestern. Something really cool I did since my time at STA was stay Northwestern for five weeks before my senior year began and study journalism with other seniors across the world. I was selected to go on a scholarship and it was truly what made me fall in love with the school and the journalism program!

Family:  My parents, Kendric (Jay) and Crystal, grew up here, and my father is a civil engineer while my mom is a school social worker at North Central. My younger brother Kyle went to STA with me all K-8, and currently will be a junior at Chatard! The two of us are still as close as we were then.

What is your favorite STA memory:  I think everyone always says the Washington D.C. trip, but ours was so memorable I feel like it was yesterday. The Kennedy Center, the bus ride, the comedy play, Gettysburg…everything had some sort of inside joke element to it and it had to be one of my favorite memories. Another great memory is the musicals!! My favorites that I participated in were Honk! and Hairspray. I’m not a theater kid even though I do like to sing and dance, but STA is the kind of place that allows for you to explore and try new things. I like being the center of attention (haha) as well as the musical aspect so I was able to have fun with that in an environment with my friends!

What do you like to do in your spare time:  I love to write — hence journalism! — but I also spend lots of time with my friends, and we usually will just hang around and chill out.

What words of advice would you offer a current STA student:  Make the most of it!! Your time at STA is special and unlike any other experience. You might be upset with some things right now (I understand, it is a crazy place!) but you will look back on your time spent at STA with fondness. So, cherish it!