Please visit your child’s classroom home page by clicking on the classroom webpage for your student’s teacher. Teacher emails are also available below.

Fr Varghese
Fr VargheseParish Priest
Mrs. Nancy Valdiserri
Mrs. Nancy ValdiserriPrincipal
Laura Amezcua
Laura AmezcuaSecretary
IT Coordinator
Mrs. Alyse Thomas
Mrs. Alyse ThomasPreschool
Ms. Stephanie Brown
Ms. Stephanie BrownPreschool Aide
Mrs. Becky Ashton
Mrs. Becky AshtonKindergarten
Mrs. Margaret Bennett
Mrs. Margaret BennettKindergarten Assistant
Mrs. Melissa Armstrong
Mrs. Melissa Armstrong1st Grade
Ms. Heather Cone
Ms. Heather Cone1st Grade Aide
Mrs. Jane Hayes
Mrs. Jane Hayes2nd Grade
Mrs. Kate Marshall
Mrs. Kate Marshall3rd Grade
Mrs. Andrea Finn
Mrs. Andrea Finn4th Grade
Miss Beth Crader
Miss Beth Crader5th Grade
Mrs. Margaret Toby
Mrs. Margaret Toby5th Grade Homeroom / Computers
Mr. Matthew Condon
Mr. Matthew CondonResource / Differentiated Learning
Mr. Corey Klee
Mr. Corey Klee6th Grade Homeroom / Social Studies
Mrs. Sandy Hoy
Mrs. Sandy Hoy8th Grade Homeroom / Science / Religion
Miss Dani Payne
Miss Dani Payne7th Grade Homeroom/Reading & English
Mrs. Kara Bungard
Mrs. Kara Bungard8th Grade Homeroom / Math
Mrs. Sharon Horvath
Mrs. Sharon HorvathScience (K-5)
Mrs. Jenny Fleetwood
Mrs. Jenny FleetwoodLibrary
Mrs. Wini Wood
Mrs. Wini WoodArt
Mr. Chris Arnold
Mr. Chris ArnoldPE & Health / Director of Aftercare
Mrs. Melissa Sechrist
Mrs. Melissa SechristTitle 1
Mrs. Liz Atkins
Mrs. Liz AtkinsResource
Sra. Erica Dominguez
Sra. Erica DominguezSpanish
Mrs. Amy Thornburg
Mrs. Amy ThornburgMusic
Mrs. Genevieve Fields
Mrs. Genevieve FieldsSocial Worker