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Name: Bekah Mooney Behr

What year did you graduate from STA: Technically did not graduate but I attended STA from 1-6 grade with the 1989 class.

After STA, you graduated from:  Chatard and Ball State University

Where do you live now?  I just moved back to Indianapolis after living in Colorado for 25 years. My husband is originally from Iowa and we both wanted to live closer to family. We bought my parents home on the White River and love living in a river community. Our son Jude is starting his 4th grade year at STA.

What have you been up to since STA?   So many fun adventures since leaving STA. I moved to Fort Collins, CO after graduating from Ball State in 1998. I worked in tech providing Microsoft Certification Training and that allowed me to travel and meet many interesting people across the globe. Best job has been raising 4 boys and by far the most challenging.

Please tell us about your family: I met my lovely husband Tom on a shuttle bus at the Denver Airport and was able to track him down in Fort Collins. He had 3 boys (Abe, Jake and Jackson) and we had our son Jude in 2013. Tom is from Iowa and is the youngest of 8 kids.

What is your favorite STA memory?  I loved my classmates at STA! Many fun times were spent playing kickball!

What do you like to do in your spare time? I love live music, time on the river and being with family.

What words of advice would you offer a current STA student?  Be kind…especially to the new student in 4th grade named Jude Behr.



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