St. Thomas Aquinas Holmes Award:

Each year since 1993, the Athletic Committee has be honored to present the Mike and Linda Holmes Mental Attitude Award to an 8th grade girl and boy who participate in the CYO program at St. Thomas. This is a parish-wide award because CYO is a part of both the church and school.

Mike and Linda Holmes were members of our parish. Mike was a principal and Linda was a social worker. After their tragic death, this award has been given in their memory.

The Mike and Linda Holmes Mental Attitude Award is given to student athletes based on leadership, sportsmanship and respectfulness both on and off the court or field. This is not an MVP award based on athletics, but on attitude.

The student should be involved in CYO sports programs in a meaningful way by participating on several teams.


Year Girl Boy
2021 Reese Sochacki Sawyer Sheetz
2020 Camille Robbins Joe Funk
2019 Olivia Mulhern Luke Nation
2018 Mayan Stickel Sully Meyer
2017 Devin Williams Kyle Haslett
2016 Marcelle Blanchet  Gabe Wright
2015 Ella Nation Isaac Martinez
2014 Moira Gula Rubin Foley
2013 Annie Morris Jacob Logan
2012 Mahayla Roscoe Jimmy Gates
2011 Anna Logan Noah Wischnowski
2010 Hannah Gardner Quinten Keller
2009 Savannah Madden Marcus Logan
2008 Jane Reagan

Tess Plummer

Greg Gardner
2007 Emily McKnight Charlie Chamness
2006 Lauren Hughes Zack Turi
2005 Elizabeth Maher Cy Bennett
2004 Suzy Nasser Joe Kluemper
2003 Kelly Gardner Zach Plummer
2002 Caitlin Hanley Edge Roberts
2001 Sarah Webler Gabe Gula

Ben Potter

2000 Jocelyn Hurst Nick Brown
1999 Julie Malone John Seeber
1998 Carla Alderman Marty Brown

Andy Koers

1997 Abby Albrecht Billy Potter
1996 Erin Martin

Allison Wegener

John Carpenter

Patrick Carpenter

Brian Shaugnessy

1995 Gerrianne Greenwade John Shaugnessy
1994 Anne Coffey John Seib

Kai Martin

1993 Karen Jones Nicholas Koenig