Mary Rogge Watson Graduated from STA in 1949

Name:  Mary D. Rogge Watson.  The “D” is important because I was called “Mary D” in school…so many Marys!

Graduated: 1949

Graduated from:  St. Agnes Academy and Purdue UniversityMary Rogge

Work:  I am a retired Drug and Alcohol Counselor.  I built a Peace Memorial in 2011 honoring Pennsylvanians who died in Iraq and Afghanistan and all the members of their families.  Think it might be the only one like it.  We have names of Moms, Dads, grandparents, fiancés, girl friends etc.  It also names 4 unborn babies.  The memorial is in Pleasant Gap, PA.  It is called the Arms for Peace memorial.

Family:  I raised my four children in Evanston, Illinois.  I have two grandchildren.  My granddaughter is a graduate of Tulane University and my grandson is a student at Bennington College in Vermont.

What I remember:  Cynthia Byrne and I played the piano for students marching out of school at the end of the day.  One piano and four hands.  My Mom coached the kickball team.

Spare time:  I am a volunteer at New Leaf Initiative which is a co-working space in State College, PA.  I run a group which makes blankets for kids in hospitals.  I am a jewelry maker.

Advice:  Find your most satisfying dream and follow it.