“Where Diverse Learning Styles are Valued!”

We recognize that children learn differently, and perform best when provided individualized attention to their learning styles.  At St. Thomas, we are proud to be able to offer programs for students across the academic performance spectrum.

In 1984, St. Thomas Aquinas became one of the first schools in the Archdiocese of Indianapolis to begin a part-time Resource Program to serve students who were diagnosed with learning differences.  Today, the STA Resource Program has expanded to serve diverse learners.  These programs currently serve over 80 students.

  • The Resource Program is for students who have been diagnosed with learning differences.  It also serves students who, at the request of teachers and parents, need extra review on weaker academic skills.  All students have an academic plan which is reviewed annually.
  • We also offer a “Push In” program where students are grouped by skill level and are guided in both Reading and Math by a teacher to ensure they are challenged and supported.  This program is fluid and skill groupings change as the skills of our students change.
  • The Future Problem Solvers Program (Global Issues Problem Solving) helps students who have mastered the classroom curriculum in reading and/or math with the opportunity to work with accelerated material for additional enhancement to their academic day.  High test scores, exceptional classroom performance and teacher input are all considered when a student is recommended for the program.

All three programs make instruction more individualized by providing additional teacher and small group interaction – which makes the instructional process personal, dynamic, and successful!

Our DLP continues to grow and evolve.  DLP teachers receive training several times a year and are constantly looking for ways to improve the programs.  All three Resource classrooms have current and expanding technology available for student use.   The entire DLP department looks forward to expanding and improving in the years to come.