Our resource program has three full time teachers who are specialists in learning disabilities and who work with students with learning differences.  Students in this program should have a copy of psycho-educational testing on file in the school or have tests pending.  A public school Service Plan (formerly known as an IEP)\ Individual Catholic Education Plan (ICEP) for each student in the resource program is created based upon testing, observation and conferencing.

On the average, a student will receive three sessions a week in one-on-one or small group instruction. The methods of instruction during the resource period will be adapted to the individual student.  We offer a variety of services, tailored to meet individual needs.  These can range from assisting students several times a day, to meeting once a week.

Our Resource Program has won two national awards through the National Catholic Education Association (NCEA).

Our Resource Program teachers:

  • Mrs. Payne
  • Mrs. Bungard
  • Mrs. Atkins

Our Resource Program offerings:


Grades 1-4 (Atkins) – Students receive daily reading instruction in small groups.

Grades 5-8 (Payne) – Students receive daily reading instruction in small groups.


Grades 2-3 (Atkins) – Students receive daily math instruction in small groups.  Hands-on instruction & manipulatives are emphasized.

Grades 4-8 (Bungard) – Students receive daily math instruction in small groups.  Hands-on instruction & manipulatives are emphasized.

Study Skills Support

Grades 2-8 – Students who need help developing study skills, test taking skills and/or need extra help with classroom work may attend resource class a few times a week to once a month, depending on the student’s need.

DIBELS (Dynamic Indicators for Basic Early Literacy Skills)

Grades K-1 – Students are assessed three times a year.  They are then provided with extra instruction in these skill areas weekly.


Grades 4-8 – Students who have difficulty with the Language Arts and/or Math portions of the ISTEP tests are provided extra practice in these areas.  The parents and students help determine if the extra practice occurs at home or at school.

BackPack Check

Grades 3-8 – Parents, teachers, or students may request a daily BackPack Check by a resource teacher.  This check teaches students how to improve their organization by making sure all needed materials go home so that homework may be completed.

Resource Websites of Interest

www.LearningAlly.org  – Audio books

www.chadd.org – Children & Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

www.princteonreview.com – College search for LD students

www.petersons.com – College search for LD students

www.diin.org – Dyslexic Institute of Indiana contains articles, training, and general info about dyslexia

www.ldonline.org – Learning Disabilities resources

www.additudemag.com – Magazine for families coping with ADHD

www.ncld.org– National Center for Learning Disabilities

www.dyslexia.yale.edu – Yale Center for Dyslexia

Math Websites

www.aaamath.com – Math practice website

Reading Websites

www.arbookfind.com – AR Bookfinder

www.starfall.com – Reading practice website