Tyler Froehlich Graduated from STA in 2005

tyler f Name: Tyler Froehlich (although I now write it as Fröhlich, mostly because it’s one letter less; the “ö” in German is equivalent to “oe”)

Graduated: 2005

Graduated from: I spent the first two years of high school at North Central in Indianapolis. Before I was to begin my third year of high school, when I was 16, I moved to Switzerland as my father joined a Swiss company. Afterwards, I attended an international school in Zurich, Switzerland. When I was finished with this, I attended a local Swiss high school for one year to improve my German. I came back briefly to the USA to attend one semester at Indiana University. I then began studying at the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich to get a Bachelor degree in Earth Sciences. I finished this degree last year, and began studying Management, Technology and Economics at the same university for my Master degree in September of last year. I expect to finish in June of 2017.

Where do you live now: I live in Zurich, Switzerland.FullSizeRender

What have you been up to since STA: As mentioned earlier, I moved to Switzerland eight years ago. I enjoy this place very much, and am currently in the process of getting Swiss citizenship. I hope to have a Swiss passport, in addition to my American passport, by the end of the summer. Switzerland is a beautiful country, and a very comfortable place to live. Besides studying, I work part-time for the reinsurance company, Swiss Re. It is an interesting branch, and is involved in a range of activities around the world. I travel a lot, and enjoy doing so. A nice advantage to living in Europe is the diversity of geography and cultures in such close distances. Probably the most exciting trip I was on recently was a cruise to the Antarctic. It was an unforgettable experience.

IMG_0598Family: My family is all over the place, literally. My parents moved back to the USA last October. They are excited to be back to be closer to old friends, but certainly miss aspects of life here. I have a sister, Rachael, who is in New Zealand right now working at a vineyard. We are a bit all over the place, but we try to skype as much as possible, and manage being so far apart from each other.

What is your favorite STA memory:  I always enjoyed the track and field day at the Butler track. It was always in spring and the weather was always great. There was a great sense of being in a team, and I loved the competitive atmosphere.IMG_0596

Spare time: Between work and school and my friends, not much time is left over for hobbies. I try to stay as active as possible, and enjoy being outdoors. I used to swim competitively, and I try to get to the pool as often as possible. I scuba dive in Lake Zurich in the summer, and go skiing in the mountains in the winter. I travel as much as I can.

Advice: It takes time to figure out who you are. Be yourself, and try not to worry too much about what other people think.