Dear North Deanery School Families,

I hope this inaugural edition of the North Deanery News adequately represents the wonderful work being done at all ten (10) of our North Deanery schools. As the high school of the North Deanery, it is tempting to flood our partner schools with all of the academic and extra-curricular success of our students, as well as the invaluable faith formation experiences they  are having here at Bishop Chatard.

I can promise you that we will do a little horn tooting along the way, but the North Deanery News will also focus on the exciting and meaningful experiences that all of our students are having. Our goal is to share with you on a regular basis the stories that make our schools so special and, in the process, help us all learn from each other’s successes.

We plan to publish the newsletter on an every other month basis, starting in September and running through the end of each school year, and are counting on the schools and families to supply us with up to date articles and photos. We have great stories to share, the stories of our Catholic schools busy about the work of forming our children to be the persons God has called them to be. I hope you enjoy our effort to make known the gift Catholic schools are to our community.

May the peace of Christ be with you and your family,
Bill Sahm
President Bishop Chatard High School