House System
Fifth through eighth grade students at STA are divided into mixed-grade-level houses. These houses are named for four virtues: Iustitia, Fortitudo, Sapienta, and Temperantia. Each house has a motto, a mascot, a cheer, and a banner that hangs in the hallway. Teacher mentors oversee the houses, and house captains (eighth graders who have applied and been selected by the mentors) lead house meetings. At house meetings, the students work together in various house competitions and enrichment activities, while wearing their house shirts in designated colors. The mission of the House system is to build a “mix it up” atmosphere which will allow students to meet, problem solve and work with students whom they may not otherwise interact. Teacher and student relationships are strengthened as a result of them interacting outside the classroom. Positive peer pressure gets students involved in activities in order to support their house and students gain a sense of pride in being able to contribute.