Future Problem Solvers 

  • Grades 5 thru 8 offer Future Problem Solvers opportunities for students in Language Arts and are available after school.
  • The 7th & 8th grade students in this program placed in the Future Problem Solvers (FPS) of America Contest last year, which was held in Michigan.

Our FPS (Global Issues Problem Solving) teachers:

  • Mr. Blanchet
  • Mrs. Conner

Our FPS (Global Issues Problem Solving) offering:

Grades 5-8 (Conner) – Students tackle real life problems, and determine solutions.  This is accomplished through monthly meetings.   Students work in cluster groups doing research, discussions, and interviews both in and outside of meeting time.

www.fpspi.org – Future Problem Solvers (Global Issues Problem Solving)


Students compete in yearly competitions and our St. Thomas   Aquinas teams have won the honor of attending International Finals Conference   for the third straight year!