Joseph R. McGeehan Graduated from STA in 1954

Joseph R McGeehan1 Name: Joseph R. McGeehan

Graduated: 1954

Graduated from: After leaving St. Thomas Aquinas, I continued my education at St. Meinrad High School and college before completing my undergraduate education at Ball State University. I pursued graduate studies at Stanford University and Indiana University, receiving my doctoral degree from the latter.

Where do you live now: My wife, Jane, and I live on the north Oregon coast with our Bedlington terrier, Shaniya.

What have you been up to since STA:  I pursued a career in education acting on my passion for teaching and learning. I served in a variety of roles that include high school teacher, curriculum supervisor, director of school desegregation, high school principal, assistant superintendent, and superintendent. Among many rewarding experiences, I was fortunate to be a Fulbright Scholar in Germany.

Joseph R McGeehan2

Joe is at the end of the 2nd row on the left, the only boy in the 2nd row.  The priest is Fr. John Halloran

Family: Jane and I have been married 34 years, during which time we have lived in Indiana, Virginia, Washington, and Oregon.

What is your favorite STA memory:

As I reflect on my time at St. Thomas Aquinas, it is interesting to consider what comes to mind. In second grade, I was chasing girls on the playground resulting in counseling from the Sister in charge about my behavior. Oh dear! Sister Virginia Ann was my teacher for three consecutive grades–three, four and five. I came to realize later what a remarkable experience it is to have the same teacher and classmates for three years in a row. I consider myself fortunate to have been at STA for eight years. I can see that I received an exceptional education.

Spare time:  Many activities have entertained and delighted me in spare time from skiing at Lake Tahoe to exploring the streets of Paris as I sampled the outstanding food offerings. In retirement, I enjoy cooking, reading, and the arts.

Advice:  If I were to speak to a current STA student, I would offer several thoughts. Believe in yourself, follow your passions and dreams, and study hard. The sky is not the limit to what you can achieve. Believe in the power of prayer and keep the faith.