Role Name Email
Athletic Director Olivia Watson
Treasurer Mo Buell
Girls Basketball Coordinator Liz Turner Suscha
Volleyball Coordinator Vicente Giordanelli
Boys Basketball Coordinator Duane Marks
Kickball Coordinator Jen Timpe
Track/Field Coordinator Rob Klitzman
Soccer Coordinator Kate Erdel

Athletic Fundraisers:

  • Flag Football – Summer
  • Poinsettia Sale – Fall/Winter
  • Northside Kickball – Spring
  • Spiritwear Sale – Year-round

Rules and Regulations:

The following general regulations pertain to all STA sports activities such that every participant is treated equally and fairly. Individual coaches may make additional specific team rules to govern participants’ actions during practices, games and CYO sponsored athletic events.

The STA Athletic Committee hereby adopts the following rules and regulations:

  • The CYO “Code of Ethics” shall apply to all STA youth sports programs.
  • The CYO “General Eligibility Standards” shall be strictly enforced.
  • All CYO Rules and Regulations for a specific sport shall be strictly enforced.
  • It is expected that STA teams will take priority over any other concurrent team activities. Absence(s) due to conflicts will not be excused.
  • If a student is absent (attends less than half of the day) from school for illness on the day of practice or game, he/she may not participate in the practice or game.
  • Three (3) unexcused absences from practices or games will, at the coach’s discretion, automatically subject the student to possible dismissal from the team. An “excused” absence is one in which the player (not his/her parent) contacts his/her coach prior to the scheduled event to provide notification of the pending absence. The Head Coach has the discretion to determine whether the absence is “excused” or “unexcused”, and must inform the player of the determination. If a player is absent from school on the day of a scheduled event, the absence is considered an excused absence.
  • Any termination of a player on a team will be approved through the Athletic Director, Coordinator, and Coach.
  • Athletic equipment and uniforms provided to the athlete are to be kept in good condition. Failure to return the equipment or uniform at the end of each season will subject the athlete to suspension from other STA/CYO sport programs until the equipment or uniform has been returned, or a fine paid, if the equipment or uniform is lost. NO fine shall be greater than the cost of replacement of the article(s).
  • All volunteer coaches and assistant coaches are to complete the “CYO Certification Program”.