STA Haiti Financial Statement

STA HAITI FUND JULY 1, 2020 - JUNE 30, 2021 Thank-You Note from Belle-Riviere I always take pleasure in thanking you and offering you my sincere congratulations for your love, your prayers, and your generosity towards the people of Belle-Rivière, in particular towards the students and the teachers.  We say thank you.  Many thanks for [...]

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Haiti Appeal Letter

WE WILL WALK WITH EACH OTHER Dear Parishioner, In Haiti, home of our sister parish of St. Jean-Marie Vianney in Belle-Rivière, there is a Creole saying: Men anpil chay pa lou – “Many hands make a heavy load light.” In the 31 years of shared experience in nurturing that community and building up its educational, [...]

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Boulevard Place Food Pantry – Annual Report

Boulevard Place Food Pantry 2020 ANNUAL REPORT PANTRY BLESSINGS Season’s greetings from Boulevard Place Food Pantry, a Special Work of St. Vincent de Paul Society, which so many of you so generously support. Our self-select grocery store certainly faced logistical hurdles in a year we’ll never forget! Ultimately the pantry fulfilled its mission of serving [...]

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Anti-Racism PLEDGE

Dear Fellow Parishioners, The Race & Culture Committee continues to work to provide ideas for how our community can directly respond to the sin of racism.  We have developed an Anti-Racism Pledge to further this mission.  It contains specific ideas that can be done, from offering prayers against racism to taking concrete actions that fight [...]

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STA Race and Culture Committee Update

September 2020 Dear Fellow STA Parishioners, A year ago, the STA Parish Council assigned the Race and Culture Committee the task of increasing racial awareness within the parish.  In the first part of the year, members of the committee worked to implement Part 1, Racial Awareness and Appreciation.  Activities that supported this theme included three [...]

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