STA FEATURED MINISTRY: STA Community Conversations

The STA Community Conversations committee arranges for presentations on topics of interest to our parish and Indianapolis.   We aim to enhance our spiritual lives and inform our social engagement by bringing nationally renowned speakers to our church.  The events include opportunities for spiritual reflection, authorities who challenge our conscience and times for offering our own [...]

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The STA children's play group is a chance for parents and their young kiddos (babies  - 4 years old) to gather, talk and play. We meet one Thursday morning per month from 9-11am - the upcoming Thursday date varies according to our schedules, so we pick our next date at the end of our play [...]

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STA FEATURED MINISTRY: High School Youth Ministry

SPIRITUAL GROWTH PILLAR The STA High School Youth Group was established in 2018 to encourage 9th-12th grade parishioners to continue their relationship with the parish once they have completed their Religious Education journeys. The cornerstones of the youth group are faith, fellowship, and community service. They meet these cornerstones through serving the ministries of STA and surrounding [...]

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STA FEATURED MINISTRY: Boulevard Place Food Pantry

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT PILLAR The Boulevard Place Food Pantry, an affiliate of St. Vincent de Paul, provides emergency food assistance to people in need residing in the church boundaries of St. Thomas, IHM, St. Luke, St. Joan of Arc, and Christ the King.  Households living in the boundaries may shop twice a month.  The pantry also serves [...]

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We are STA are grateful for the many ways we collaborate in ministry with Butler University.  The relationship between STA and Butler has been an important relationship for years.  We continue to develop our collaboration in many areas.  Fr Michael, as the chaplain for the catholic community at Butler, has enhanced our opportunities for collaboration [...]

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