Stewardship Committee

The Stewardship initiative at St. Thomas Aquinas helps our parishioners act on the generosity that is naturally in our hearts. Whether it’s celebrating Mass, giving our talent or time to a St. Thomas ministry, or sharing our treasure with the parish, our generosity reflects the understanding that we’re all in this together.

Our parish is in the midst of many great things. Ministries dedicated to giving comfort to the sick, offering spiritual growth opportunities for young people, actively engaging with our surrounding community, or even becoming better stewards of the environment are just some of the ways St. Thomas fulfills its mission of living the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Members of the Stewardship Committee are responsible for promoting involvement in and providing for the financial needs of the Parish.

Three specific objectives:

  • Involvement in ministries and activities of the Parish
  • Prayer for the Parish and parishioners
  • Financial support through pledges obtained through Stewardship education and campaign results.

Most of the activity is from September to November with peak involvement during Stewardship Weekends in October. Meetings are kept to a minimum.

Contact: Geoff Ziegler,