White Privilege

The following article on White Privilege provides a starting point. It was written by Heather Greenwell, a relative of our Administrative Assistant Cheryl Taylor.

Privilege is not having to constantly talk to your sons about the death of another brown person at the hands of a police officer.

Privilege is not having to remind your sons for the 50 millionth time what to do if they’re ever stopped by an officer (we’ve been having these conversations since they were 5).

Privilege is not having your son cry during a standard traffic stop because he thinks we’re gonna be shot.

Privilege is not having to worry if your sons and their friends can walk the neighborhood without consequence.

Privilege is not having to try and explain why they might be stopped even if they did nothing wrong.

Privilege is not having anxiety about the day your brown son is driving a car on his own, or stays out after dark without you.

Privilege is not having to tell your 11 and 13 year old that the goal is always to make it home alive.

Privilege is not having to tell your brown son that he has to be twice as good as everyone else because they’ve already counted him out.

Privilege is not having to code switch to be heard and understood.

Privilege is not having to consider if the names you give your children sound “too black” for fear of their resumes being eliminated before they’re even considered.

Privilege is the right to wear your hair any way you please without fear of judgment.

Privilege is living without the weight of being a representative for an entire race of people.

I am tired.

If you’re privileged in this country, use your power for good and not evil.