St. Thomas Aquinas Race and Culture Committee

Just the other evening, our St. Thomas Aquinas Race and Culture Committee met to reflect on the demonstrations in Indianapolis and in cities around the world, sparked by the violent death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police. Racial inequalities in justice, education, social status, employment, health care, wealth, and safety are on our minds and weigh heavily in our hearts.

Often, when faced with these overwhelming issues, we want to act immediately to change laws and look to government to fix things. Members of the parish Race and Culture Committee wondered whether it is just as important to start at home, to start in our own community.

Everyone has the right to feel safe, valued, and loved. Does everyone at St. Thomas Aquinas feel this way?

Many families send their children to our parish school because they are seeking a multicultural environment where kids from many backgrounds can learn and grow together.  Are we meeting these needs?

Historically, the St. Thomas Aquinas community was inspired by preaching and prayer to work for racial and social justice. Parishioners were active in a neighborhood that was once racially and economically more diverse than it is today. We were more connected with other congregations in the neighborhood in action and fellowship. Are we living up to this legacy?

On Monday at 6:30 p.m. the Race and Culture Committee will host a gathering via Zoom for the sharing of thoughts, concerns and other reflections about the current state of the parish with regards to race relations and the pursuit of inclusion, equity and justice.

Ideas generated during the gathering will be used by the Race and Culture committee to discern next steps.

During this time of physical separation due to COVID-19 and as we await a new pastor, it is even more important that we find ways to come together as a community.  Will you take part?

God bless you, our neighborhood, our city and our global community.

Fr. Todd Riebe, Temporary Administrator

Karla Hudecek, Pastoral Associate

Race and Culture Committee

Marcha Bennett          Crystal Haslett         Tim Nation               Pearlette Springer

Margaret Bennett        Jay Haslett              Patrice Payne          Jim Trippi

Alan Bercovitz             Matt Hayes             Jose Samperio        Eileen Walthall

Judith Cebula              Shanna Martin        Joseph Smith Sr.     Susan Williams


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