Celebrate Grandparents and the Elderly July 25!

Celebrate Grandparents and the Elderly July 25! A special Mass and reception will be offered at the 10:30 a.m. Sunday liturgy in celebration of the first World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly. Please invite and/or bring any grandparents or older friends to join us! Pope Francis has marked the fourth Sunday in July to [...]

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2020…2021 St Thomas Aquinas Gala, Take 2

2020...2021 St Thomas Aquinas Gala, Take 2 Classes online.  Churches closed.  Hospitals overrun.  Businesses shuttered.  Who would have thought we would miss so many of the simple things.  The sounds of children bustling in the hallways and squealing with delight on the playground.  The weekly greetings in the Narthex, singing off key in Mass followed [...]

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Make Your Voice Heard—Not One More Life Lost to Gun Violence

Make Your Voice Heard—Not One More Life Lost to Gun Violence The Butler-Tarkington Faith Community invites you to join in a letter writing campaign to Governor Holcomb, May 23 – June 4 Dear friends, On April 25, the Butler-Tarkington community came together in a candlelight vigil organized by our neighborhood faith community. All of our [...]

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A BUTLER-TARKINGTON CANDLELIGHT VIGIL As people of faith in the Butler-Tarkington community, we share a common grief for the devastation gun violence has wrought in our city. All of our faith traditions value human life and believe that every life holds sacred worth. Our hearts are broken by the third mass shooting in our city [...]

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GREEN CORNER Degraded and polluted land, air, and water disproportionately impact Black, Indigenous and people of color.  Take the 21-day Environmental Justice challenge from the Ignatian Solidarity Network (https://ignatiansolidarity.net/ignatian-carbon-challenge/) and receive daily emails that challenge you to learn, pray, and take action for environmental justice.  Listen to environmental justice leaders from frontline communities, learn about [...]

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