Week 6:  Community Resilience and Engagement

Sunday, 3/26 – Community Resilience and Empowerment encourages community engagement and participatory action in ecological and social justice issues.

Prayer: God of communion, enables us to become communities of participatory action and advocacy, for the Earth and the poor. Help us to be prophetic servant leaders in the care of our common home and of our neighbors.

Monday, 3/27 – With members of your household, community, or other parishioners, discuss the fruits of your prayers and how they might point you toward concrete action. Consider these reflection questions for guidance: What environmental issues is your community already working to address? What gifts can you contribute? Where is there a need in your community for environmental action? What does your community need to address the issue? What is your role?

Tuesday, 3/28 – The choices we make and actions we take in our communities impact people and ecosystems around the world. Want to speak up but don’t know how to start? This action guide from Polar Bears International has simple guidance on how to participate in government, have conversations with others about climate change, create your own content, and more.

Wednesday, 3/29 – Currently at the Indiana General Assembly, state legislators are crafting the state’s budget for the next two years. Take action to ensure additional funding for land conservation programs is part of the budget by joining Hoosier Environmental Council’s Campaign for Land Conservation and tell your state legislators that conservation funding matters to you.

Thursday, 3/30 – State Senate Bill 221 would require an energy audit of the Indiana Statehouse and Indiana Government Center. This is the first step to addressing the Statehouse’s energy efficiency and can help raise the profile of the need for energy efficiency and conservation as a necessary response to climate change. Contact your state representative, especially if they serve on the House Utilities, Energy, and Telecommunications Committee, and tell them you support SB 221.

Friday, 3/31 – The Earth’s natural areas and resources need ongoing clean-up. Consider volunteering for a clean-up day at a local or state park or a local waterway. Spring is a popular time to schedule these. Contact the property to see what clean-up events they may be scheduling, or visit DNR’s website for volunteer opportunities at Indiana State Parks.

Saturday, 4/1 – The St. Thomas Aquinas Creation Care Ministry promotes the joyful stewardship of our earth through spirituality, simplicity, and sustainability. We welcome new members. The STA website has information for those interested in joining us: Creation Care Ministry | St. Thomas Aquinas Parish (staindy.org)