Would you like an opportunity to support the St Thomas Haitian Community in Belle-Rivière, and purchase delicious Haitian coffee and chocolate with one click? We now have a program to do just that.

Through a partnership with SingingRooster.org, our own Haiti committee will receive a small donation with every purchase that uses our proprietary link https://singingrooster.org/partner/664 to order items on their website. What a great way to multi-task and feel good about helping our Haitian brothers and sisters in Belle-Rivière.

Only if you use our link, https://singingrooster.org/partner/664, will your purchases allow us to get credit. Please post the link by your computer so you use it often and pass it along to your family, friends and acquaintances.  Let’s help our distant parish thrive!



2020 has been challenging for us at St. Thomas and especially for our sister parish in Belle-Rivière including a temporary halt to medical services, months of canceled school and hurricane-damage to the school roof.  As a sign of growth and resilience, the roof was replaced, and modern toilets were added for the school children, yet on-going expenses remain a challenge. Rough roads result in constant maintenance for the parish truck, teachers and water techs need to be paid, and school children want to be fed.  We hope that you will continue walking with our sister and brothers by donating to our annual Haiti appeal by check or online.  Mèsi – Thank You.