“Sometimes, one may hear people giving up something during Lent as a spiritual exercise, such as eating certain kinds of food, watching television, etc. I think it is crucial that … churches, rather than give up something, give something, do something, or say something that speaks to the sufficient grace of God which we sorely need and desire as Christians. In this penitential season, when we give ourselves to God, we receive so much … “ Rev. Dr. Luke Powery, Dean of Duke University Chapel 



Fourth Sunday of Lent – Sunday, 3/10 thru Saturday 3/16 

  1. Read about Venerable Mother Mary Elizabeth Lang’s life. HERE 
  2. Research stereotypical micro-aggressive comments such as: “Where are you really from?” “Racism does not exist in today’s society.” “Your grammar is so good. Your people must be proud.” Journal: What are appropriate ways to learn about another’s culture?
  3. Listen to African American spirituals. Journal: What are the messages conveyed?
  4. As you prepare for your Lenten Reconciliation service, examine your conscience for your part in racial injustice and racial bias. Journal: How can you fight injustices in your community?
  5. Include a quote about racial justice from a person of color in the signature line of your email.
  6. Find out about International Day Against Police Brutality, started as an initiative in Montreal in 1997. Journal how police brutality is evident around the world. Pray a decade of the rosary for police funding for training and wraparound services.
  7. Identify local black businesses such as restaurants, shops or online stores. Purchase a good or service. Journal: How can your dollar help black businesses thrive?

~ Adapted from the Lenten 2021 Calendar – Office of Peace, Justice, and Ecological Integrity – Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth; Author: Fr. Terrence Moran; Layout: Donna Sartor