Week 5:  Response to the Cry of the Poor

Sunday, 3/19 – The Response to the Cry of the Poor is a call to promote eco-justice, aware that we are called to defend human life from conception to death, and all forms of life on Earth.

Prayer: Lover of the poor, we pray for all families that they may be “the place in which life – the gift of God – can be properly welcomed and protected”. May they be especially attentive to the Cry of the Poor and work toward the fullness of life for all, especially for the most vulnerable and neglected members of our common family.

Monday, 3/20 – Pope Francis draws attention to the “double injustice of climate change.” Climate change has the largest impact on the poor who are the least responsible for global greenhouse gas emissions that disrupt the climate system. Learn about the impact of climate change on the poor: https://www.mercycorps.org/blog/climate-change-poverty

Tuesday, 3/21 –  Learn how some Hoosier communities bear a much heavier pollution burden than others, exacerbating existing economic and racial disparities: https://www.hecweb.org/issues/environmental-health-justice/ 

Wednesday, 3/22 – As an individual or family, commit time and/or treasure to assist local organizations working to decrease existing inequalities and vulnerabilities that make it harder to recover from the effects of pollution and climate change: St. Vincent de Paul, Boulevard Place Food Pantry, MLK Center, Catholic Charities Indianapolis, United Way are just a few.

Thursday, 3/23 – Environmental racism, which refers to the unequal access to a clean environment and basic resources based on race, increases the vulnerabilities of marginalized communities and decreases the ability to rise out of poverty. For more information about environmental racism and its impact see: https://psci.princeton.edu/tips/2020/8/15/racial-disparities-and-climate-change

Friday, 3/24 – Care for the Poor and Care for the Earth are intrinsically related. Commit to decreasing your family’s carbon footprint and impact on the environment through choices that sustain rather than deplete the resources with which we have been blessed. (See sustainable living activities).

Saturday, 3/25 – March 25th is the day designated to show support for environmental action by participating in Earth Hour https://www.earthhour.org/. Turn off your lights for one hour beginning at 8:30 pm local time, or whatever time in the evening works for you.