Week 4:  Ecological Economics

Sunday, 3/12 – Ecological Economics acknowledges that the economy is a sub-system of human society and relies on the natural resources of our common home.

Prayer: God of all, may we be moved to tap into the countless ways that human ingenuity, animated by your Spirit, has allowed us to collectively live more sustainably on the Earth, protecting the dignity of people and planet. We pray that we always prioritize the dignity and rights of workers as we make purchasing decisions in our community, and that we consider how our financial investments impact the health of the planet. Ignatian Solidarity Network

Monday, 3/13 – Support local businesses and keep money in the community.  A local small business tends to make more local purchases, which requires less transportation (less pollution and congestion). Additionally, since they are set up in a town or city, it will generally reduce traffic, habitat loss and resource depletion.

Tuesday, 3/14 – Instead of giving up chocolate for Lent, investigate the supply chain for chocolate.  Cocoa farming has been linked to deforestation and child labor.  Resolve to buy fair trade chocolate and coffee.

Wednesday, 3/15 – Catholic communities are called to use their talents to build a more just society by actively integrating the principles of Catholic Social Teaching into the purchasing decisions of their church, school, college or university. (Ignatian Solidarity Network).  Where you are able, work to influence purchasing decisions of organizations you are involved with.

Thursday, 3/16 – Do you have investments?  Check to see where your money is invested.  Do you agree with the corporate philosophies of those companies?  Divest from corporations you don’t agree with.

Friday, 3/17 – Environmental destruction is part of a long history of exploitation of humans and the rest of Creation.  Pick a favorite product that you use.  Investigate where that product comes from and how it is made.  Is it made sustainably and in an ethical manner?  Whose labor brings it to you?  To find out more about what considerations should go into our purchases, try this worksheet by the St. Columban Mission for Justice, Peace and Ecology: Consumer-Examination.pdf (columbanjpe.org)

Saturday, 3/18 – We know that technology based on the use of highly polluting fossil fuels – especially coal, but also oil and, to a lesser degree, gas – needs to be progressively replaced without delay. (LS 165)  Advocate for divestment from fossil fuels.