Laudato Si’ Lenten Calendar

In his encyclical, Laudato Si’, Pope Francis calls us to live in right-relationship with God, our neighbors, and with the Earth.  The Laudato Si’ goals offer a framework to examine our lives and make changes based on the principles in Laudato Si’.  During the season of Lent, a weekly Lenten calendar will offer actions and reflections based on the 7 Laudato Si’ goals with a different goal each week.

Week 1: Response to the Cry of the Earth


Sunday, 2/19 – The Response to the Cry of the Earth is a call to protect our common home for the well-being of all as we equitably address the climate crisis, biodiversity loss, and ecological sustainability.

Prayer: God of beauty and God of truth, everything in your creation is connected, for all share a common origin in your creating hand. Fill us with a spirit of praise, gratitude, wisdom, and courage, that we might care for creation and not misuse it, ensure that its goods are shared in justice with all our brothers and sisters, and speak out on its behalf whenever it is threatened. Amen.  (Prayer Source: Prayer for the Care of Creation – Catholic Charities USA)

Monday, 2/20 – The Earth has a huge, ever-growing amount of plastic. Scientists are even finding tiny plastic particles in the air. Plastic in the oceans poses a threat to wildlife that may ingest it or get caught in it. Purchase items with minimal or no plastic packaging, or that use other packaging materials such as metal, glass or recycled paper/cardboard.

Tuesday, 2/21 – The Earth’s wildlife populations are declining. Native plants and trees provide essential shelter and food for wildlife. Support local species by landscaping with native plants. Indiana Native Plant Finder Tool – Indiana Native Plant Society  Or volunteer with local organizations that plant trees (Keep Indianapolis Beautiful  Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Inc. | Home ( or Central Indiana Land Trust Volunteer | Central Indiana Land Trust (

Wednesday, 2/22 (Ash Wednesday) – The Earth’s forests which absorb carbon dioxide and give off oxygen are being depleted. Cattle raising and palm oil production are two major drivers of deforestation. To reduce the demand for these products, eat less meat and reduce purchases of food and other products containing palm oil.

Thursday, 2/23 – The Earth is experiencing climate change. A major cause of climate change is the use of fossil fuels. To support the use of renewable energy sources, consider signing up for Green Power with your electric company. For a slight price increase, you can have some or all of your electricity use generated by renewable resources.

Friday, 2/24 – The Earth’s waterways are being polluted from a variety of sources. Find out how lawn care applications pollute waterways and work on reducing or eliminating their use. Lawn Fertilizer FAQs | Indiana Clear Choices Clean Water

Saturday, 2/25 – The Earth’s soils and waterways are affected by agricultural practices. To help promote sustainable agriculture, support local farmers’ markets (thus reducing the amount of transportation involved) and buy organic foods (thus reducing the use of herbicides and pesticides). Find location and hours-of-operation information on local markets here: Farmers Markets near Indianapolis, IN (