Global Solidarity: Charity begins at home. But as Christians, we are called to reach beyond our individual households and neighborhoods, and to live in spiritual solidarity with our brothers ancrsd sisters in our larger community and throughout the world. And as Catholics, we are given unique opportunities to make these broader connections through Catholic Relief Services (CRS), the official global outreach ministry of the U.S. Catholic Church.

Each month, this web page will feature different areas of the world where CRS is serving the poor and vulnerable. This will help us to learn more about these people, to express our solidarity with them, and to specifically pray for them both at home and at Mass.

This Global Solidarity page will also contain information about:

  • CRS Global Emergency Responses to natural or human-made disasters that may occur and call for our immediate attention
  • Rice Bowl – Our Lenten almsgiving opportunity to support the work of CRS
  • Bread for the World Corpus Christi Offering of Letters – our annual opportunity to join with other parishes and congregations in advocating Congress on behalf of the hungry
  • Fair Trade Sales – to help bring consumers into right relationships with producers in other countries

We encourage you to check this page and the parish bulletin regularly for these opportunities to be the compassionate face of Christ to the world.

Putting Our Faith into Action, Catholic Relief Services (CRS)

Venezuela’s Crisis. Political and economic instability have left Venezuelans without access to food, medical care or basic government services. More than 2 million people have fled the country, and tens of thousands have been killed since 2016. The annual inflation rate was estimated to be over 2,000% in 2017, and is expected to continue rising in 2018. Food prices have increased by 650%. More than 80 percent of Venezuelans are living in poverty. Children are missing school, and adults are missing work. In response to food shortages, riots have escalated. Venezuela’s public health services have collapsed. CRS and Caritas Venezuela are focusing on the needs of the most vulnerable—children, pregnant women, people with disabilities and the elderly—aiming to reach 2,200 families, or 11,000 people over 18 months with Primary Health Care (e.g., basic health care, hygiene kits, mosquito nets and water purification supplies) and Community Meals. Learn more at

See the parish website for additional prayers to use with small groups

Global Solidarity Ambassador for St. Thomas Aquinas: Jacqueline Griswold, 317-254-9646,