During Black History Month and Lent, the STA Race and Culture Committee asks that we:

  • Continue praying for the canonization of six African-Americans on the path to Sainthood. Each week of Lent, one of these holy men and women will be featured to raise our awareness and keep their cause in our prayers. In 2022, we sponsored a letter-writing campaign to the Vatican to help promote their cause.
  • Use our new Lenten Racial Equity Calendar, which provides weekly activities geared to help atone for the sin of racism.
Name History Video
2/18/24 – Venerable Fr. Augustus Tolton First African American Priest in the US (1886). Quote: “God heals all divisions, including those
that are at the core of racism.”
2/25/24 – Venerable Pierre Toussaint Considered the father of Catholic Charities in New York City. Quote: “I have enough for myself,
but if I stop work, I have not enough for others.”
3/3/24 – Venerable Henriette Delille Founded the Sisters of the Holy Family in New Orleans. Quote: “I believe in God. I hope in
God. I love and die for God.”
3/10/24 – Venerable Mother Mary Elizabeth Lange Founded the Oblate Sisters of Providence in Baltimore and was the first mother superior.
Quote: “Our sole wish is to do the will of God.”
3/17/24 – Servant of God Julia Greeley Known as Denver’s Angel of Mercy”. Quote: “My communion is my breakfast.” Visit VIDEO
3/24/24 – Servant of God Sister Thea Bowman Franciscan Sister of Perpetual Adoration in Jackson, Mississippi. Addressed the US Bishops in
1989, where she challenged them to accept her as “fully black and fully Catholic”.