2020…2021 St Thomas Aquinas Gala, Take 2

Classes online.  Churches closed.  Hospitals overrun.  Businesses shuttered.  Who would have thought we would miss so many of the simple things.  The sounds of children bustling in the hallways and squealing with delight on the playground.  The weekly greetings in the Narthex, singing off key in Mass followed by sugary donuts and coffee with friends.  Regular doctors and dentists appointments, hair cuts (and colors), visits to the PT or therapist.  Dinner out with friends after a ballgame or play.

All the small things but also the big things…births, Christenings, First Communions, Confirmations, graduations, marriages and funerals.

As we look toward our reopening, we hope that we can remember how much we need each other.  We need each other for comfort and care, for a strong shoulder to cry upon and helping hand extended.  We also need to share our joys and laughter as well as our triumphs and aspirations.

And the hugs and smiles.  Oh, the many hugs that went unshared can now be shared and the unmasked faces will be such a welcomed source of joy.

We are not fully reopened but we can start taking small steps in the journey back into the world.  Our weary hearts and spirits need to be refilled and we can do that for each other.  Take a walk outside with a friend.  Meet for a picnic at the park.  Have coffee at a neighborhood café.  Enjoy a bike ride along the canal.

…and gather in a small group and join us for the STA 2020 Gala, Take 2!

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