Just a few more days until we’re back to school, which means it is time to kick off the walking school bus routes for the new semester! Key information for this year:

  • Walking school buses will begin on the first day of school, Wednesday August 14th and continue at least until Thanksgiving.
  • All school bus routes will begin 5 minutes earlier than last year in order to get students to STA in time for the morning prayers. Exact start times are listed below and will be posted on our website at www.staindy.org/saferoutestoschool in the next few days
  • Walking school bus routes have changed a bit from last year – we no longer have a blue route and days of operation have changed some – please see below for complete information. A map of routes is also posted at the STA website.

For those of you that are new to St Thomas, the walking school buses are like traditional school buses in that they run along a designated route at a set time… however at STA, we walk together instead of riding a real bus – thus walking school buses! All routes have at least one adult driver to lead the children to school and make sure they arrive safely.

  • RED ROUTE: Begins at 5111 N Kenwood at 7:25am. Operating Thursday and Friday right now – looking for volunteers for other days!
  • BLUE ROUTE: no longer operating
  • GREEN ROUTE: Begins at 43rd/Illinois at 7:25am. Will operate 5 days a week.
  • PURPLE ROUTE: begins at 44th/Pennsylvania at 7:25am. Will operate 5 days a week.
  • ORANGE ROUTE: begins at 49th/Pennsylvania at 7:30am. Operates only on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays right now – looking for volunteers for other days!

A map of our current routes will be posted on our website at https://www.staindy.org/srts-map-schedule-route/ along with a schedule of start times. If you are interested in participating, simply find the route that is most convenient to you and meet your friends either at the start of the route or anywhere along the way. No need to make reservations – just come when you can! Please remember, too, that kiss-and-walk participants are welcome too – meaning that if you live too far away to walk from home, consider dropping your student off along one of the routes to join in on the fun. Our teachers tell us that when kids walk to school, they arrive alert and ready to learn, which makes a great day for everyone!

We are currently working on filling up our volunteer base of “drivers” for each of the five walking school bus routes. If you or someone you know is interested in walking students to school on a designated day each week, please contact Jennifer Pyrz atpyrz@pbworld.com or 317.224.9529.