ALERT!  Due to a late-season snowstorm, Walking School Buses will be pushed back to a start date of  Monday April 1, continuing through the end of the school year.  We hope you will all consider participating!

We still have a few holes that we need to fill for drivers. If any of you are available to “drive” a walking school bus route just one day per week, please contact Jennifer Pyrz at or 224-9529 as soon as possible.

The Spring 2013 Walking School Bus schedule is as follows (updated March 21, 2013):

RED ROUTE: Begins at 5111 N Kenwood at 7:30am.  Operating 5 days / week.

BLUE ROUTE: Begins at 46th/Cornelius at 7:35am.  Right now, I only have drivers on Mondays and Wednesdays but am actively recruiting more help!

GREEN ROUTE: Begins at 43rd/Illinois at 7:35am.  Will operate 5 days a week.**

PURPLE ROUTE: begins at 44th/Pennsylvania at 7:30am. Will operate 5 days a week.

ORANGE ROUTE: begins at 49th/Pennsylvania at 7:35am.  Will operate Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday each week.

**  construction at the intersection of 46th and Illinois appears to have been cleared enough to allow us to begin our Green Route walking school buses on Monday March 25th. Please remind students to stay on the sidewalk whenever possible and avoid construction areas.

Reminder that you do not need to live along a route to walk with the group – consider walking, or even driving, your child to join the group at any location along your favorite route. It’s always more fun to walk with friends and everyone is welcome and encouraged to join us!

Please let Jennifer Pyrz know if you have any questions or comments about the program or if your child needs a replacement (or brand new) scan tag.  Prizes will be given away later this semester for students who have logged the most miles or days of walking and biking to school with their scan tag, so be sure to register if you haven’t already at