STA has logged 350 miles of walking and biking this year, resulting in 294 fewer pounds of CO2 into our neighborhood air!

The St. Thomas Aquinas Safe Routes to School Program continues to encourage and educate students to use active transportation by walking or biking to school. Students who choose to participate in our program receive a unique barcode tag and a reel that can be attached to their backpacks.  When arriving at school, the barcode is scanned by the student or one of our volunteers and the user’s active transportation mileage is automatically logged.  The Active4.Me program utilizes barcode technology to provide participants with daily feedback about their travel, including:

  • How many miles were walked to school each day and during the semester
  • How many pounds of CO2  were saved from being released into the air
  • How many calories were burned

Additionally, each time the tag is scanned, a text message or email can be sent to a designated number/address to alert you that your child has arrived at school.

Please note that information is logged to a username associated with that barcode – it is up to parents to select the username, which can be as anonymous as they would like.  The only information collected by the tool is miles walked or biked each day by username.  We do also ask for the user’s grade, which enables us to run contests between classrooms.  Only the St. Thomas Safe Routes to School Coordinator will have identifying information for the barcodes.  Information about which barcode goes to which student is not shared with anyone else, including the software manufacturer or any third party.

If you are interested in participating in this program please register online for your unique tag at .  If you have any questions or require a replacement tag, please contact Jennie Pyrz at  Walking school buses will  start up again immediately after Spring Break, on Monday March 30th, so get your tags ready!  And watch for this week’s School Scoops to confirm your favorite route’s schedule!  Happy Walking!