• St. Thomas Aquinas School will continue to provide an exceptional educational experience to students of the parish and community.  Through research-based best instructional practices, the faculty will provide a rigorous curriculum aligned with the Indiana Common Core Standards and differentiated to meet the learning needs of all students within a diversity of ability.  Each student will receive thorough preparation from kindergarten through the middle school years, resulting in the achievement of success at every level and ultimately, in life.


    • Our goal by June of 2014 for communications/marketing as well as fundraising is to develop comprehensive plans to support the administration’s efforts to communicate with key audiences as well as secure philanthropic funds in support of the top priorities of the school.


    • We believe that technology is a tool that can be used to drive efficiency and increased collaboration in the classroom setting. We also believe that technology can be used to help our students acquire the skills they need to survive in a highly complex and highly technological, knowledge-based world economy. To that end, as part of the STA strategic plan, the School Commission will continue to focus on further integration of technology in the STA classroom, from K-8. Our strategy will support all components of learning; from active engagement, group participation, and problem solving skill advancement.


    • We believe that education in the tenets of Catholicism and participation in parish life are vital to the spiritual and social education of our students. To that end, as part of its Strategic Plan, School Commission will make enhancing St. Thomas’s Catholic Identity one of the areas for focus over the next two years. Specifically, School Commission will work to encourage Mass attendance, volunteerism and use of Catholic principles to address real-world problems such as diversity, bullying and tolerance.

Monitor the execution of the STA 2013-2014 School Strategic Plan that will grow and sustain its diverse and welcoming student body over the next 1.5 years.