On Friday 9/27 STA School will join in the second youth school climate strike. The aim of the strike is to get youth involved in trying to influence the countries of our world to commit to tougher climate targets and faster transitions to renewable energy to stop climate change.

The STA Earth Council will lead a climate prayer service at 8 am on Friday in the church.  We will make student strike banners in Art for the K-5 and in Science for 6-8. We will contact Jim Poyser of Earth Charter Indiana to see if he can come speak to the kids about climate change and why kids are striking for climate change.  Grades 5-8 will watch the Greta Thunberg Ted Talk in which she tells her story of becoming a climate activist at the age of 15. In English and Social Studies middle school students will have lessons on the Right to Assemble and Freedom of Speech. Each classroom will decorate their door according to the Care for Creation theme of “All God’s Creatures”. We will have all the classes take a tour of the doors and then have a class discussion about  each class’ door and how it relates to caring for creation.

We will set up a strike rotation schedule for all of the classes and invite parents to join their child’s class when their rotation block is happening.

We will assemble on the sidewalk in front of the school on Illinois for the protest from 8:45 am-2:45 pm.