We are so proud of all of our teams. Every team improved their performance since the last tournament by working on improving the design of their robots and practicing their driving skills. The average scores for the driving matches were overall much better as a result.

We saw a lot of great teamwork today with everyone putting their best foot forward. We had 2 Middle School Teams (10546B – Maggie Gonzalez, Maggie Timpe, Anna Imel, Julia Dugan, and Jackson Herrera and 10546C – Owen Delaney, Christian Stephens, Julia Hurley, William Gutwein, Charlie Smith, and Finn Crist) enter and present their STEM projects to a panel of judges. Both teams did an outstanding job presenting and answering questions about their projects. We had one Elementary Team (10675BDonovan McMahon, Milo Barth, and Jack Noel) finish in 13th place and qualified to drive in the finals round.

Only the top 20 teams get to move on to the finals round. We also had one Middle School Team (10546A Luca Gurnell, Joel Anderson, and Gabe Sommerkamp) qualify for finals taking 20th place. Team 10546D (Jackson Sochacki, Kyle Foster, and Hank Salzman) finished in 21st place in a very close finish.

The big surprise came when they gave out the final trophy of the tournament. This is called the “Excellence Award” and is the most prestigious award of any tournament. It is given to the best overall team based on adding together their scores earned for their engineering logbook, their STEM project, the team interview, and their robot’s performance ranking at the end of the qualifying matches. Middle School Team (10546B – Maggie G., Maggie T., Anna, Julia, and Jackson H.) won this coveted award and as a result have earned not only a trophy, but an invitation to the State Finals that will be held at Lucas Oil Stadium. Congratulations!

–Mrs. Sandy Hoy and Mrs. Kara Bungard