Our Speech Team had a GREAT season after competing in 3 large tournaments the last two months. Many students competed for the first time this season, and Mrs. Bishop is very proud of all their growth and success!

Westfield Middle School Tournament
At their first meet of the season many students ribboned in their categories!
Hank Fleetwood took 5th in Radio Broadcasting; Nya Malott placed 1st and Bella Burgess 4th in Dramatic Interpretation; Jackson Herrera placed 2nd in Original Oratory; Lucy Pyrz and Michael Garver took 5th place with their Memorized Duo; and Izzy Foley and Dearbhla Delaney placed 4th, and Maggie Gonzalez and Julia Dugan 5th in the Scripted Duo category.

Cathedral High School’s MLK Tournament
Out of over 20 registered schools and 300 students, STA placed 8th overall and many students placed overall in their categories earning ribbons!
In Radio Broadcasting, Maisie McMahon took 1st and Hank Fleetwood 8th; Miles Barth placed 6th in Discussion; Nya Malott took 2nd, Olivia Mulhern 3rd, and Bella Burgess 7th overall in Dramatic Interpretation; in Memorized Duo, Lucy Pyrz and Michael Garver placed 5th and Kyle Foster and Jackson Herrera 7th; in Scripted Duo, Maggie Gonzalez and Julia Dugan placed 4th and Anna Imel and Anna Jennings 9th; in Humor Maggie Timpe took 4th, Lizzie Koschnick 7th, Mateo Giordanelli 8th, Hank Salzmann 9th, Colin Chandler 9th, and Owen Delaney 10th; and Jackson Herrera placed 6th for his Original Oratory.

Riverside Junior High Tournament
Out of 330 entries, ALL of STA’s entries placed overall earning ribbons!
Hank Fleetwood placed 3rd in Radio Broadcasting; Nya Malott took 2nd and Mateo Giordanelli 3rd in Dramatic Interpretation; Michael Garver and Lucy Pyrz placed 6th in Memorized Duo; Tianna Boyd and Lizzie Koschnick took 7th overall in Scripted Duo; and in Humorous Interpration, Mateo Giordanelli placed 2nd, Colin Chandler 5th, and Lizzie Koschnick 6th!