Earth Week Collections

Thank you to everyone who brought in shoes, batteries, or aluminum cans during Earth Week.  We accomplished the following:

  • We were able to fill 3 blue trash bags full of shoes that were given to Water Step to further their mission of providing clean drinking water to people in water scarce areas.
  • We collected about 135 pounds of aluminum for which we were paid $80.
    • An extra big “Thank you!” to Mr. Steve Foster, who transported the cans to the recycler for us.
  • The fifth grade class brought in the most cans, so they win an ice cream party!
  • The seventh grade class had the smallest amount of trash during the Earth friendly faith partner picnic lunch; they received some home-made cookies from Mrs. Horvath as a reward.
  • Finally, students paid a total of $123 for the Earth themed out of uniform day.
  • All the money raised during Earth Week will be used to purchase bird seed and plants for the Schoolyard Habitat.

Did You Notice?

Thank you to all the students who worked hard in the Schoolyard Habitat during our Earth Day of Service.  They made a big difference in how the garden looks.  We rely on school families to help weed and water in the garden during the summer months.  Look for a schedule to come out in School Scoops in the next few weeks.

Also, you may have noticed that several trees were taken down in the Schoolyard Habitat in the last few weeks.  Sadly, they were weakened by the drought conditions of the last two summers and did not survive.  We plan to replace them as funds allow.