Name: Aimee Beck Jennings

What year did you graduate from STA: Technically did not graduate. Transitioned in 1982 after 6th grade to School #59.

After STA, you graduated from: I am a proud Broad Ripple Rocket. I then attended University of Texas, graduating with a degree in Nursing. A few years later I got my Masters of Nursing/ Nurse Practitioner degree at University of Pennsylvania.

Where do you live now?  I live in Seattle, WA.

What have you been up to since STA? I worked and lived in a few cities: Chicago, Indianapolis, Philadelphia, Seattle. I have been a pediatric nurse practitioner for 25 years. In that time I have established several teams of advanced practice providers in pediatric critical care and pediatric cardiac specialties. In 2019 I was inducted as a Fellow into the American College of Critical Care Medicine for my contributions to critical care medicine.

Please tell us about your family: I met and married Tom Jennings. After some time and relocations, we moved back from Philly to Indianapolis, where we started our family. Our three daughters attended STA for a while, until we relocated to Seattle. Our daughters are mostly grown, with two in college: Bridgette at Western Washington University, Fiona at San Diego State University, and Jojo at Roosevelt HS.

What is your favorite STA memory? I loved singing in Miss Kinghorn’s 1st grade class, Math and the 1,2,3 House in 2nd grade. Mrs. Cornelius’ art class (she had some art camps, too). We made clay tiles that I think are still hanging somewhere in those hallowed halls. And, of course, Kickball was a blast. Kids in the PNW don’t really know about kickball.

What do you like to do in your spare time?  Time with family. Time outdoors: Hike, ski, explore. I also contribute to advancing health care through a few professional collaboratives and lecturing, teaching, writing.

What words of advice would you offer a current STA student?  Showing kindness and caring for others are the most impactful and fulfilling of all pursuits. STA is a special place and a community that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Is there any other information you would like to share about yourself?

It’s a small world after all: My husband Tom’s mother, Diane McMahon, was best friends and school mates with long – time STA parishioner, mother & grandmother of several alum, Marianne Forsee!