March Madness is here!

This month Shoparoo is giving away over $2,000 in our March Fundraising Tournament. We have selected the 16 schools with the highest total Roo Points to participate in a playoff bracket. Schools not selected for the bracket will compete for a single Wild Card spot. Click here to see the bracket. The tournament runs as follows:

Sweet 16: March 11 – March 17 $50 per winner
Elite 8: March 18 – March 24 $100 per winner
Final Four: March 25 – March 31 $200 per winner
Championship: April 1 – April 7 $500 Grand Prize

At the start of the first week, the top 16 schools are matched against one another. The objective is very simple: score more Roo Points than your competitor school does. At the end of the week, the winning school will advance to the next round and be one step closer to the grand prize.

STA (we just missed making it into the bracket)- LISTEN UP! There will be an ongoing Wild Card Race with the chance to win $300. The object is to score more Roo Points than any other Wild Card school within the entire four week time period.

An email will be sent out on Mondays with the most up-to-date bracket and wild card standings – so keep an eye out! Remember, you are trying to score the most Roo Points for your school, so the more people contributing the better! Invite friends and family to join your team today.

Win or lose, all your efforts are rewarded!
– The Shoparoo Team