Several parents attended the Scott Harvey presentation at Chatard High School.   The reaction was “We wish our kids could hear this amazing message” and “ALL parents need to hear this stuff!”

Now Scott Harvey is coming to STA!  Please forward and promote to anyone you would like to invite for the evening presentation.  It is one hour.  All North Deanery parents will be invited to join on Monday night.  STA Parents are especially encouraged to attend because STA students in grades 5-8 will hear Mr. Harvey’s presentation at 8:15am on Monday, September 29th.

Scott Harvey presentation
“I Am Someone”
Monday, September 29, 2014
St. Thomas Aquinas Church & School
7:00 pm–Church Entrance

Presentation covers safe use of online technology and social media.  You can look him up on his website

We believe every parent needs to hear this information; no matter the age of your children, you will find it helpful!