The Mountaintop

Inspired by Dr. King’s “Mountaintop” Speech

Written by STA 6th Grade Students

l have seen everything,

And I have been to the top of the mountain.

It’s okay to talk about how great heaven is,

but we need to think about what is happening down here.

Everyone has a right to fight for their rights.

This is a fight for all of us to work on,

We are all in this together.

There are two types of people in the world:

Ones who care,

And ones who don’t.

Let’s be the ones who care.

We need to succeed at our job as people.

What if I don’t stop to help this man and something happens to him?

If I do not stand up, how many more people will die?

I’m not fearing any man, and I’m not scared.

We don’t have to live like we are forced to live.

Always keep your word.

Stay true to what you said,

And what you thought you meant,

Because others believed you.

If you work together, you can be free,

But if you work alone, you will be stuck.

No one is ever encouraged in a negative way,

But we all come together to form one community.

Many eyes have seen darkness, but all have seen the light of home.

You don’t have to be controlled if you are meant to fly high.

We don’t want a dark place;

We want God’s place.

God made us all equal; stay true to that.