Dear STA Friends and Families:

I am writing to you with mixed emotions. On January 4, 2016 I will leave St. Thomas Aquinas to join the Social Studies Department at Cathedral High School. While I am genuinely excited about this opportunity, I will sorely miss the daily interaction with your children, whom I have grown to know and love.

I value all things STA. By choice, STA is my parish and my children’s school. By good fortune, I can call the STA families and staff my friends – and the Sausagefest my festival. Those constants will remain, but I also welcome change. I look forward to the challenges, and professional growth, of teaching in the high school setting.

As a parent and teacher, I can also appreciate that my departure means change for your middle school children. Principal Swinefurth, myself and the middle school team are committed to supporting your children as they transition to a new teacher. We will also work hard to ensure that our new staff member is the right fit for your children and our STA community. Before the new year arrives, we still have many original documents to interpret, novels to read, projects to present and speeches to give!

Thank you for allowing me 4 ½ wonderful years of instructing, coaching and caring for your children. I look forward to the many great events we have yet to share as fellow parishioners, parents, neighbors and friends. Please know that the well being of your children will always be important to me regardless of my title or role.


Sincerely yours,

• Craig M. Blanchet