October 3, 2012 is International Walk to School Day! 

Celebrate with St Thomas Aquinas and schools around the world by walking or biking to school!

Walking School Bus Routes will operate on ALL FIVE routes pus ONE NEW ROUTE!   Special guests will be greeting students as they arrive and special gifts will be given to all participants!


Routes for International Walk to School Day event, 2012

Red Route

Begins at 5111 N Kenwood at 7:30am

Travels south on Kenwood to the school

 Blue Route

Begins at 46th/Cornelius at 7:35am

Travels east on 46th Street to the school

 Green Route

Begins at 43rd/Illinois at 7:35am

Travels north on Illinois to the school

 Purple Route

Begins at 44th/Penn at 7:30am

Travels north on Penn, west on Meridian Place, north on Meridian, then west on 46th to school

 Orange Route

Begins at 49th/Penn at 7:35am (Sullivan’s Hardware)

Travels west on 49th to Illinois, then south on Illinois to the school

 GOLD Route NEW Walk to School Day Only!

Begins at 49th and Capitol at 7:35am

Travels south on Capitol to 47th, then east on 47th to Kenwood.  Continues south on Kenwood to school.


Special notes:

•Remember that all of our routes welcome park-and-walk participants!  If you live too far to walk from home, have mom or dad drop you off at the end of one of the routes and walk with us!

•Walking school buses are always parent-chaperoned!  Make sure you follow the rules and directions of your walking school bus “driver”!

 •It’s getting dark!  Wear bright colors and/or reflective gear so that cars are sure to see you!  Add reflective tape to your sneakers, bike helmets, and backpacks too.
•For walk to school day, we are encouraging everyone to carry signs too!  Let drivers know that you want them to slow down and put down their cell phones – that you want to be able to walk to school and stay safe!  Carrying signs on your walk makes a great  statement!
Feel free to contact Jennifer Pyrz for  more information or with questions.    224-9529 or pyrz@pbworld.com