GAGA PIT YEAR END CELEBRATION – Friday, May 31st, 5:50 to ?

Please join us for the Third Annual celebration as we thank our great school staff and look back at another wonderful school year and step into summer.

This is a very casual cook-out for all families and staff families of St. Thomas Aquinas.  The theme is a Gourmet Hot dog cook-out and we want you to bring whatever you like to put on your hot dog to share with others.  We will supply the fantastic franks and bountiful buns; you bring what you have on your condiment shelf.  The crazier the more gourmet!!  If you prefer vegetarian, just bring your favorite dish and we’ll put it on the grill for you.

We will have drinks for the kids and Flat 12 for the older kids.  If you are real picky, BYOB, we want you to be happy!

There will be separate GAGA Tournaments for the kids, Mom’s and Dad’s.  There will also be a corn-hole tournament so dress appropriately.

We will need help running this, but the work is easy, so give Terry Rankin a shout at 507-4250, or if you can help.

There is a $10 per person cost or max of $25 per family.  Any proceeds go to maintaining the Gaga Pit.  Don’t miss it, this is FUN!