Earth Week:  Stewardship of Creation

April 20 – 24, 2015


The theme of Earth Week this year is “Stewardship of Creation”.  As we appreciate God’s gift of nature, we want to pay attention to how we use our natural resources and take actions that help us conserve them.


Earth Week Collections and Activities that help us conserve our resources

  •  All week: unwanted shoes. Old sneakers will be recycled by Nike to make playground surfaces. Other shoes will be donated to the Paralyzed Veterans of America.
  • All week: Batteries, especially rechargeable batteries.
  • All week: Bring any kind of paper (except phone books) to the green and yellow paper recycle bin. The money we get paid for the paper we collect is used to buy bird food, so please continue to bring paper all year. Let’s fill the bin!
  • All week: Students and faculty will try to use as little electricity as we can. The amount of electricity used will be tracked and compared to the previous week to see how much electricity can be saved just by changing behaviors.
  • April 24: Aluminum cans (rinsed out and CRUSHED if at all possible). School goal: 200 pounds of aluminum.  If we meet our goal, students will get an extra recess!


Special Activities

  •  Monday, April 20: Earth Week School Mass – led by Earth Council
  • Special faith partner Earth friendly picnic lunch and enjoying the outdoors. Students will walk to Butler University with their lunches and have a picnic, then be able to spend some free time exploring the woods at Holcomb Garden. On return to STA, each class will collect and measure their trash.  The class with the least trash will earn a prize.  Leave STA at 11:00 and return by 1:00.
  • Tuesday, April 21: Grades K and 6, Grades 1 and 4
  • Wednesday, April 22: Grades 2 and 5, Grades 3 and 7, Grade 8
  • Friday, April 24: Jeans Day with nature themed or Earth color shirts for $1
  • Friday, April 24: Earth Day of Service – students will work in Schoolyard Habitat