Archbishop Tobin and the Archdiocese of Indianapolis is leading a planning process called “Connected in the Spirit” and is asking all parishes in Indianapolis to gather information and conduct a self-studies as we plan for the future of our community. Fr. Steve outlined this in his remarks a few weeks ago at mass. In order to fulfill the goals of the planning effort, please take a few minutes to take a survey about our parish, St. Thomas Aquinas. We truly appreciate your input and opinions.

Parish Survey: We Need to Hear What You Think – Connecting the Spirit Survey

If you have any problems with the survey or questions regarding the survey, please contact Tricia Lautenbach:


This Archdiocesan process of strategic planning is about much more than just the possible realignment of some parishes in light of the diminishing number of priests. These are the ten goals the Archdiocese has set out for this process.

  1. To enhance the vibrancy of parish life in the Archdiocese of Indianapolis.
  2. To foster an appreciation for and participation in Sunday Eucharist and the sacraments.
  3. To promote good stewardship so that parishes are financially viable now and into the future.
  4. To maximize the availability of quality Catholic School education throughout the Archdiocese.
  5. To ensure that all parishioners have opportunity for quality lifelong Christian Formation, including supporting new initiatives for youth and young adults and promoting vocations to ordained and lay ministry.
  6. To strengthen service to those who are marginalized.
  7. To build a greater sense of unity among the many cultures in the Archdiocese.
  8. To realign parishes considering the number of priests available to serve, financial resources and demographics.
  9. To increase collaboration among all entities in the local, national and universal church.
  10. To advocate for peace and justice in the church and in the world.

In a letter to all the members of the parish core teams, Archbishop Tobin wrote: “My hope is that we will not only achieve these goals, but surpass them by deepening our faith in the living presence of Jesus Christ in our midst, by increasing our relationships with each other beyond current parish boundaries and by being more energized to reach out to people who are marginalized and in need, so that we can further the reign of God in this world.”

Father Steve

Connected in the Spirit