International Walk to School Day is

Wednesday October 9th

Students around the world will be walking on Wednesday October9th. Celebrate the STA Walk to School tradition by joining one of
our five walking school buses for a fun, safe walk to school!  Download flyer- International Walk to School Day.

STA’s Walking School Bus Routes:

Red Route
Begins at 5111 N Kenwood at 7:25am
Travels south on Kenwood to the school

Green Route
Begins at 43rd/Illinois at 7:25am
Travels north on Illinois to the school

Purple Route
Begins at 44th/Penn at 7:25am
Travels north on Penn, west on Meridian Place, north on
Meridian, then west on 46th to school

Orange Route
Begins at 49th/Penn at 7:30am (Sullivan’s Hardware)
Travels west on 49th to Illinois, then south on Illinois to the

NEW! Walk to School Day Only!
BLUE Route
Begins at 46th/CORNELIUS at 7:30am
Travels east on 46th Street to the school