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  • St. Thomas averages 210-215 students.
  • We offer one class per grade (K – 8).
  • Our teachers have the opportunity to get to know each student and to make everyone feel important.


  • St. Thomas is located in the Butler-Tarkington neighborhood.
  • We pull from many areas of Indianapolis, including Butler Tarkington, Meridian-Kessler, downtown, and beyond.

Diverse Community:

  • The St. Thomas Aquinas community is our biggest strength.
  • We celebrate our diverse backgrounds, including socioeconomic, religious and national origin as well as non-traditional family structures.

St. Thomas has earned a reputation as an academically challenging, caring and open school community. We focus on educating the whole child, helping each student develop wisdom, compassion and leadership. We welcome non-traditional and non-Catholic families.

St. Thomas Parish History